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Rainbow LED Ant Farm

Ages 6 and Up

Makedo Free Play Kit for One

Morph Trash into Toys
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Turn simple packaging into inventive play objects! Makedo encourages kids to get on the floor and make stuff with their hands, while facilitating unstructured play. With every person having slightly different packaging materials at their fingertips, each Makedo creation is an individual, one-of-a-kind creative expression. As they transform the stuff around them—primarily found or reclaimed materials, such as cardboard boxes and plastic containers—into play objects, kids let their imaginations and creativity run free. Each Makedo kit includes a safe-saw for cutting and punching through materials safely, re-clips, and lock-hinges for connecting.

Recommended Ages: Ages 5 and up
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  $19.95 Makedo Free Play Kit for One 54078 Sold Out!
  $39.95 Makedo Free Play Kit for Three 54079 Sold Out!
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Demographic: Teacher
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

I love this product because students many opportunities to develop their creativity AND this allows us to accomplish that with a small impact to the environment because it’s perfectly suited for things in your recycling bin. I bought this on a whim and am very impressed. The fasteners are re-useable, and you can pre-set an angle for the hinges so this set can challenge students over and over.

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