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Four Function Snaps

Games for Learning and Fun!

Reinforce essential knowledge with this fast-paced game. Players take turns flipping over the top card from their face-down stack of cards. When someone turns over a card that matches a card already face up on another player's pile, players race to be the first to call "Snap!" and win both piles of cards. Play continues until one player wins all of the cards.

Recommended Ages: Ages 7 and up
Availability: Sold Out

  $4.95 My First Times Tables Snap 38173 Sold Out!
  $4.95 My First Number Snap 38161 Sold Out!
  $4.95 Around the World Snap: Pack 1 38169 Sold Out!
  $4.95 Around the World Snap: Pack 2 38170 Sold Out!
  $4.95 My First Animal Snap 38160 Sold Out!
  $4.95 Tell the Time Snap 38166 Sold Out!
  $4.95 Four Function Snaps 42042 Sold Out!
  $4.95 Body Snap 38165 Sold Out!
  $4.95 My First Making Words Snap 38162 Sold Out!
  $4.95 Dinosaur Snaps 42040 Sold Out!
  $4.95 Times Tables Snap 38164 Sold Out!
  $4.95 Music Snaps 42041 Sold Out!
  $4.95 Fraction Action Snap 38167 Sold Out!
  $4.95 Making Words Snap 38168 Sold Out!
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