Outdoor Games for Fall

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The weather is getting cooler, the air is crisp and the nights are chilly: fall is in the air, and it’s time to take advantage of outdoor play before winter sets in. Here are a few ideas to try—feel free to brainstorm with your kids and make up your own games, too.

  • Autumn I Spy:  Play the classic “I Spy” game with an autumnal twist and have your kids look for autumn-related things and activities.  For example, they might spy leaves changing their colors, acorns on the ground, orange pumpkins, squirrels storing food for the winter and neighbors wearing warmer jackets or raking leaves.
  • Leaf Maze:  Instead of loathing the leaves on your lawn, look at them as an opportunity for creating a kid-friendly game.  On a non-windy day, rake a path through the leaves in a maze shape for your kids to follow.
  • Obstacle Course:  Set up an obstacle course where kids can hop through a chalk pattern drawn on the sidewalk, push through sheets hung from tree branches, climb over hay bales, race around pumpkins, hula hoop while counting to ten, jump into a leaf pile or roll sideways down a hill.  Utilize your yard’s terrain and items you’ve got around the house to make the challenges varied and fun.
  • Amended Football:  Half-time is the perfect opportunity to play your own family football game.  Create a game that meets the skill level of younger kids: play catch and see which team catches the most passes, or put up a hula hoop and see which team has the best aim.
  • Treasure Hunts:  Hide baggies filled with brightly colored pencils, fruit chews, stickers, bubbles or other fun items in piles of leaves, behind pumpkins or in shrub branches and have your kids search for them.  You may want to give younger kids a head start to even the playing field, or have a rule that once older kids find their allotted number of treasures, they can help the younger kids by giving out hints.

You can also play classic games like tag or Simon Says and Frisbee, or keep your kids entertained for hours with MindWare’s Stomp Rocket. No batteries required – just stomp on the Launch Pad and a blast of air propels the Stomp Rocket over 200 feet in the air!

Put some “game time” on your calendar today.  Winter will be here before we know it, so embrace the days of fall, play with your kids and enjoy the fleeting days of autumn.

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