America Recycles Day

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Do you recycle? November 15th is America Recycles Day—a great time to think about what you use and reuse. Since 1997, America Recycles Day has been an opportunity for communities to promote recycling programs and to encourage efforts to reduce what gets thrown away. You’ll find some great ideas for recycling projects here.

One of our favorite MindWare Toys starts with recycling! The Recycled Robot Kits turn used items into fun robots—and teach kids mechanics and physics.

You can see the Tin Can Robot in action in this video.

So what’s the science behind its funny movements? The battery provides electricity to the motor, which turns the worm gear at high speed. The worm gear acts as a reduction gear, rotating the axle gear at low speed. The pieces of plastic on the ends of the axle are called cams. When the motor is switched on, the cams lift each side of the Tin Can Robot in turn, making it walk.  Pretty cool!

What’s your favorite way to recycle?

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